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MSR Report I

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Date of consultancy w/ governing board:
Date of consultancy w/ congregation:
Ministerial Settlement Representative
: please send a copy of this form (Word) (PDF) to chair of the congregation's governing board for completion of items 1-3 and 5-8 before your first consultancy; return completed form to the UUA Transitions Office following the first consultancy by completing and submitting the form online below. 


MSR Name: 
MSR Email: 
Congregation Information
1. Name: 
2. Address: 
City, State: 
Chair of Governing Board
3. Name
City, State: 
Daytime Phone: 

Interim Minister (if any)
4. Name: 
Congregation's People
5. Number of adult members:  Current
  3 years ago
Average Sunday attendance:  Current
  3 years ago
Children/youth enrollment:  Current
  3 years ago
Av. children/youth attendance:  Current
  3 years ago
Congregation's Finances
6. Total operating expenditures:  Current
  3 years ago
Total operating pledge income:  Current
  3 years ago
Number of pledge units:  Current
  3 years ago
Total debt:  Current
  3 years ago
UUA Annual Program Fund:  Current
  3 years ago
Fair Share? (select one):  Yes   No   (Current) 
  Yes   No   (3 years ago)
Current Cost of Ministry to Congregation
7. Salary plus clergy housing allowance (S&H): 
(If the minister occupies a parsonage, indicate the amount of S&H so attributable:  )
Contribution in lieu of FICA: 
Retirement plan contribution: 
Health insurance premium: 
Group term life ins. premium: 
Disability ins. premium: 
Dental ins. premium: 
Professional expense allowance: 

Total of benefits plus expenses:

Total cost of ministry: 
Estimated Timetable
8. Date for Search Committee selection: 
Date for Ministerial Settlement: 
Checklist for Discussion w/ Governing Board
Review church bylaws re: calling a minister
Review resources on Transitions website
Review access and reach of online Ministerial Settlement System
Application to List (information from the Board) and Congregational Record (information from search committee)
Visit from Compensation Consultant—soon!
Budgeting: search committee expenses and minister's moving expenses
Fair Compensation guidelines and salary plus benefits approach to compensation (vs. TCM)
Power relationship between governing board and search committee: confidentiality, recommendation to congregation
Board involvement during candidating week
Ministerial agreement—negotiating team to draft
Appropriate search committee budget
Moving expenses for the minister and family
“Beyond Categorical Thinking” program
Emeritus/a former minister
Search Committee Luncheon at UUA General Assembly—for other lay leaders if committee as yet unformed
MSR's Observations
10. Describe the current condition of the congregation, its morale, age composition, growth potential, and concept of ministry
Settlement Process
11. What concerns may the board/congregation have about the UUA's services in general and the settlement process in particular?
Complete your expense voucher for this visit.

For more information contact transitions @

This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

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