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MSR Report II

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Date of MSR consultancy w/ search committee:
Search Committee Chair/Representative
: please complete item 2
Ministerial Settlement Representative: following the second consultancy, please either print and mail this form (Word) (PDF) to the UUA Settlement Office, 25 Beacon St., Boston, MA 02108, or complete the following online form.
MSR Name: 
MSR Email: 
1. Congregation Information
City, State: 
2. Chair of Ministerial Search Committee
City, State: 
Daytime Phone: 
Alternate contact (in case chair is unavailable or without email)
Daytime Phone: 
Compensation (This information to be entered on "Application for a called Minister")
3. Estimated salary & housing to be offered next minister
Will benefits and professional expenses entitle the congregation to Fair Compensation status? (select one)
  Yes   No
4. Estimated Timetable for the Committee's Search
Search committee retreat: 
Survey to be sent out: 
"Beyond Categorical Thinking" workshop to be held: 
Ministerial and congregational profiles to be completed: 
MSR to be asked to review Congregational Record for "unveiling": 
Survey tabulation and draft agreement to be sent to Settlement Office: 
Packet to be completed: 
Date of third consultancy (no sooner than four weeks after unveiling)
Ministerial Records to be made available, MSR to consult on planning and execution of final stages of the process: 
5. Do you foresee any special problems which make this timetable doubtful?
6. Has this committee gone on retreat? If not, is there any question that they will do so in a timely manner?
7. Do you foresee any particular problems with this committee?
8. Congregation
Please give your assessment of or reflections on the congregation (lay leadership strength, sense of purpose and goals, financial support, morale, age, growth potential, adequacy and quality of support staff), board (commitment, breadth of horizons, concept of ministry), and search committee (capacity to choose a minister for the church's future). Use extra space as necessary!
9. Checklist for Topics to be Covered with the Search Committee
Role of the MSR (coach, consultant, cheerleader)
Roles to be allocated among search committee members and beyond
Use of the Settlement website
The equal opportunity policies of the UUA
The realities affecting the ministers wishing to be considered
The need for confidentiality about ministers
Etiquette in the search process
The realism of the timetable for selecting a candidate/settling a new minister
How the committee can continue to inform the congregation of its progress (confidentiality about ministers, not secrecy about process)
The ministerial and congregational profiles vs. the congregational survey
Choosing and arranging neutral pulpits
The crucial importance of the search committee retreat
Settlement Director's availability for consultation by email (or by telephone, with appointment set by email if possible)
Search Committee Luncheon at GA
Complete your expense voucher for this visit.

For more information contact transitions @

This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

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