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MSR Report III

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Date of consultancy:
Mode (selectone): by phone   in person

Ministerial Settlement Representative: following the consultancy, please complete the online form below. It is available in a printable version (Word) (PDF) for your own use.

MSR Name:
MSR Email:
1. Congregation Information
City, State:
2. Response to the List
What is the committee's response to the length and makeup of the list?
3. Process Review
Have the committee decided how it's going to decide
  with whom it's going to exchange packets?
  whom to name as a pre-candidate?
  whom to recommend as its candidate?
Has it held or scheduled a "Beyond Categorical Thinking" weekend?
Has it conducted/will it conduct a mock interview?
Who will be the mock candidate?
Has it established "money-laundering" and other maneuvers to avoid publicizing the identities and home churches
  of prospective candidates' as their packets are circulated and studied?
  of pre-candidates while they are in transit and in residence in the locale?
  of pre-candidates in the publicity given out by neutral pulpit congregations?
Have neutral pulpits been arranged?
4. Packet Review: Is each of the following information included in the packet?
introductory letter from search committee chair, with space for indicating deadline for mutual return of packets
explicit instructions on how and where to return packet, including express mail account information if desired
letters from
  congregation's president
  interim minister
  District Executive
  Ministers Association chapter president
search committee profile
results and analysis of survey and other information-gathering tools
draft ministry agreement
adequate information on ministerial compensation: salary plus housing and Fair Compensation Congregation qualification
latest annual report
treasurer's reports/budget data from recent years
constitution and by-laws
religious education information
orders of service, newsletters, etc.
photographs of church, minister's study, parsonage, etc.
information on the community
local real estate and mortgage data
policy for screening your pre-candidates and for conducting a criminal background on your candidate?
5. Communication with Ministers
The Transitions Director asks the search committee to communicate immediately with each minister whose MR it receives, either offering or declining to exchange packets or indicating their schedule for making such an invitation/declination. Does this committee intend to follow this practice?  
6. Informing the Congregation
How will the committee keep the congregation informed of its progress?  
7. Informing the MSR
Will the committee keep the MSR informed by:
updating the MSR on the search process?
contacting the MSR in the case of any problems or concerns?
notifying the MSR when the candidate has been selected?
informing the MSR when a minister has been called?
8. Transitions Office Services
Will the committee use the services offered by the Transitions Office by:
contacting the Transitions Director with any problems, such as a question or concern about a prospective candidate?
requesting interpretive file summaries (see #10)?
notifying the office when a candidate has been selected?
returning the Notice of Call form to the office when a minister has been called?
9. Responsible Search Conduct
Will the committee conduct its search responsibly, in order to avoid unnecessary risk to the congregation's children and other vulnerable persons and unnecessary risk of legal liability for the institution by:
seeking and contacting references from prospective candidates?
after informing prospective candidates of their intention, seeking and contacting additional references from any previous settlements or employment, both from the prospective candidates and from other sources?
seeking information about potential pre-candidates from District Executives in districts in which they are serving or have served?
requesting from the Transitions Director an interpretive file summary on each pre-candidate once the committee's short list has been at least tentatively completed (i.e. in a group, not one-by-one)?
after informing the ministerial candidate of their intention, seeking and contacting additional references from lay leaders in his/her current settlement?
requiring of the ministerial candidate:
  completion of disclosure statement
  completion of application
  completion of authorization and release
conducting a criminal background check of the ministerial candidate the results of which are received before candidating week?
10. Committee Check-in
How is the committee feeling about the settlement process?
Please Remind the Committee. . .
to be ready to give themselves a break once the congregation has called its next minister, but
to be sure to encourage the full participation of the minister and leadership in a Start-Up Seminar

Please share your comments with us.
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This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

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