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Applying for a UUA Email List

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is pleased to sponsor electronic mailing lists for UUA committees, districts, and affiliated organizations, and to host lists on topics of major interest to large numbers of Unitarian Universalists. We do not sponsor lists for individual congregations, with the exception of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, nor for groups that have no connection with the UUA or with Unitarian Universalism.

Before You Complete the Application

List Manager Responsibilities

The job of the list manager is vital to the proper functioning of a mailing list, and the job carries ongoing responsibilities. Each list should have at least two list managers, so that you can cover each others' absences, and so if there are problems with the list, you don't have to make policy decisions by yourself. Please be familiar with the following before agreeing to become a list manager:

  • Subscriber Guide
    You will be expected to help subscribers manage their accounts, and to guide your list in following the Rules for Participating.
  • Manager Guide
    This guide includes administrative shortcuts for managing user accounts, and the Rules for UUA List Managers.
  • Conflict Resolution
    In the event that your list experiences some personality conflicts, you should be aware of our conflict resolution process.


To apply for a list, complete the form below. Your information will be sent to the UUA's Web Team in the Information Technology Service staff group. When we process your application, we'll write back to tell you what's happening to it and what to do next.

Tip: Because this is a long form that asks for long answers, you might want to prepare the answers in advance (in a word processor or text editor) and copy them into the form. You can save this page on your own computer by choosing File, then Save from your web browser's menu.


  • We require manager names before we can consider an application.
  • Do not advertise the list until the UUA has confirmed that it is created, and you have confirmed that the list is working properly.
  • All of the configuration options (welcome message, list description, etc.), except for the list name and list manager, can be changed by the list manager after the initial setup of the list. However, you should not change the moderation status (moderated or not moderated), open status (open or closed), visibility (visible or hidden), or privacy (private or public) without permission from the UUA.

Email List Application Form

If your browser is not showing this page as a secure site, please switch to our secure server before completing this form.
required fields
Applicant Information
Email Address: *
Name: *
Name of List
Periods and spaces are not allowed in the list name. It can contain only alphabetic characters, digits, dashes (-), and underscores (_). Be sure that it does not conflict with the name of an existing list at Try to use a list name that is specific to your organization or focus, but brief (subscribers will have to type or see this list name over and over and over), and as comprehensible as possible (no inside jokes). "uusc-announce" is a good name for an announcement list from the UU Service Committee.
List Name: *
List Description
The "Short Description" is a one-liner that will appear next to your list's name on the UUA list of lists.
Short Description: *
The "Long Description" will appear on your list's home page, and may be one or more paragraphs long.
Long Description: *
Sponsoring Organization
If an existing UU-related organization has agreed to sponsor this list, give the name of the organization, along with the name, title, and email address of at least one officer or other official of the organization that we can contact if we have questions about the list. By sponsoring this list, the organization agrees to be responsible for overseeing the list managers and making sure that the list is used to further the purposes of the organization, and that the list functions in compliance with UUA List Policies. If problems arise on the list, complaints will be refered to the email address(es) provided.
Sponsoring Organization: *
Contact Name: *
Contact Email: *
Contact Title: *
List Managers
All lists must have two managers.
If a manager resigns or ceases to function for an extended period, a replacement manager must be found. The UUA must approve all changes in list management.
1st Manager Name: *
1st Manager Email Address: *
1st Manager UU Affiliation: *
2nd Manager Name: *
2nd Manager Email Address: *
2nd Manager UU Affiliation: *
List Password
The managers can use the list password to add and remove subscribers, and to perform other administrative tasks. This should not be the same as any of your personal passwords. The password cannot contain spaces or punctuation, and should be at least 6 characters long. Capitalization counts!
Initial Password: *
Should the list be open or closed?
An open list is one to which anyone can subscribe themselves. A closed list is one where subscription requests are forwarded to the manager of the list for approval. The UUA approves closed lists only if eligibility for inclusion on the list is clear and fair. If the list is created as an open list, you may not switch it to closed without approval from the UUA's ITS Web Team.
Open: *
Closed: *
If the answer to question 6 is "closed," describe the group that the list is intended for. For example, a closed mailing list might be intended only for district executives, or only for members of a particular committee.
Should the list be unmoderated (so messages go out to list subscribers directly), moderated (for edited discussion), or for announcements only (for messages only from the sponsoring organization)?
Moderation delays postings to the list, since you've got to read them all first. It also may open you up to liability for the content of the messages on the list. If the list is created as an unmoderated list, you may not switch it to moderated without approval from the UUA ITS Web Team. The moderators will have sole authority and responsibility for deciding which messages are sent to the list. Managers of moderated lists must be members or staff of the UUA, a district, a congregation, or an officially affiliated organization.
Unmoderated Discussion: *
Moderated Discussion: *
Announcements Only: *
Should people on the list be allowed to find out who else is on the list?
The usual response is "Yes" because this allows subscribers to find real names of the people they are corresponding with. Individual subscribers always have the option of concealing their name if they desire to do so. If you choose "No" only the list managers will be able to find out who is on the list. Choose "No" for announcement lists.
Yes: *
No: *
What is the initial welcome message, which is sent automatically when people join the list?
There is no limit on the size of this message (within reason). Be sure to SAVE THIS TEXT on your own computer, as well as sending it to us on this form. For example, compose the message in a text editor, then copy-and-paste the text into this box. You can edit this text later via the list's web-based management pages.
Should the list message archives be available to the public?
For announcement lists where postings are appropriate for the general public, choose "Yes". Otherwise, choose "No", so that archives are available only to list members (this is strongly recommended, since public archives are available from public search engines).
Yes: *
No: *
List at least five subscribers.
Type their names and email addresses in this EXACT format, one per line:
"Will Channing" <>
Initial Subscribers: *
What rules, if any, do you plan to institute for your list, over and above the standard UUA list rules?
All UUA list subscribers and managers must follow the UUA rules, but your list can institute additional rules, like daily message limits.
Do you want replies to list messages to be addressed to the list?
If "No" then replies are addressed to the sender of the message being replied to. The usual response for discussion lists is "Yes" so that replies go to the list and an ongoing discussion ensues. Or, choose "No" to encourage people to conduct conversations privately. The usual response for announcement-only lists is "No."
Yes: *
No: *
Why do you want to create this list?
And why on Does this list duplicate the function of an existing list? If it is similar to an existing list, how does it differ? In what way does this list strengthen Unitarian Universalist congregations? In addition to using this information when approving your list, we want to be able to direct potential subscribers to the best list for them, and include the best possible information about lists on the UUA website.
Additional Information: *

For more information contact web @

This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Monday, October 31, 2011.

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